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Understanding ERC-7265: The new ETH token standard for DeFi security

They understand ERC-7265, The new ETH token standard for DeFi security. Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry and decentralized finance (DeFi) have experienced phenomenal expansion. Because of this, billions of dollars are stuck in DeFi protocols, which attract cybercriminals who have attacked vulnerable sites across the industry. As a result, cybercriminals have gained access to these vulnerable locations. Hackers have frequently focused their attention on DeFi protocols, which has resulted in significant financial losses for customers. According to research published by Chainalysis in 2022, cryptocurrency breaches resulted in an astounding $3.8 billion of stolen digital assets.

To make DeFi protocols safer, a group of Ethereum developers has developed a new standard called ERC-7265. Understanding ERC-7265, This standard adds a circuit breaker that can help reduce cyber risks and improve security by temporarily stopping token outflows when certain limits are reached.

What is the ERC-7265 standard?

What is the ERC-7265 standard?

ERC-7265 is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that sets a standard for breaking a circuit. A circuit breaker is a type of control that can temporarily turn off a system or process if there is an overload or some other issue. The circuit breaker can stop the movement of a token during an attack by someone trying to harm it. He helps lower the risks to protect the protocol and its users. When a certain level of usage is reached, the circuit breaker will stop the flow of tokens until the problem is fixed. His can help keep you from losing money in a flash loan attack or scam.

The ERC-7265 standard gives coders working on Ethereum protocols the freedom to change how the circuit breaker works to fit the needs of each protocol. Hey, can you make the circuit breaker so that it works to protect against risks and doesn’t make the user experience worse?

Understanding ERC-7265, One example is that developers can set different limits for different transactions. It’s possible to tell which deals are more dangerous, and those transactions may need stricter controls. You can also set the circuit breaker to work for a certain amount of time or until specific parameters are met. A funding pool flaw allowed hackers to infiltrate Euler Finance in March 2023. ackers took out big cryptocurrency loans and used them to buy up all the available Ether.

USD 1,582 for an ETH Dollar coin pool of $1.00. The price of ETH on the DEX went down because of this, and the attacker sold their ETH for a profit. The Circuit breaker may have prevented the large ETH/USDC pool buy transaction from being phony. Ackers stole $195 million, and this could have stopped them.

What are the pros and cons of the ERC-7265 standard?

The deployment of ERC-7265 is a constructive advance toward enhancing the security of DeFi protocols. Users can be protected by the circuit breaker mechanism, which also helps decrease the possibility of suffering significant losses. It is essential to put security measures that can assist in protecting users. The assets they possess as the DeFi ecosystem continues to expand. Now, let’s look at this proposition’s benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of ERC-7265 standard

Among the many advantages provided by ERC-7265’s circuit breaker mechanism are:

Increased security

As previously explained, the circuit breaker can reduce risks and protect consumers from harmful attacks by suspending the transaction when it exceeds the criteria. This is accomplished by monitoring the transaction.

Reduced losses

If a flash loan attack was carried out against a DeFi protocol, the circuit breaker might be tripped to halt token outflows. This would prevent the attacker from depleting the system’s money. Suppose an innovation like this one from the Ethereum development community can assist in protecting user funds. In that case, other protocols might replicate the capability, preventing billions of dollars from being stolen.


The requirements of a particular protocol can be adapted by developers with the help of the circuit breaker mechanism covered in the section before this one. Developers can establish distinct thresholds for various transactions. Pause token outflows for a predetermined time or until a predetermined condition is satisfied.

Increased adoption

This industry could attract more prominent institutional investors when a clear set of controls to protect user cash is implemented, which would lend legitimacy to this space. In addition, it can potentially lead to similar improvements being made across all of the significant layer one chain.

Cons of ERC-7265 standard

Although ERC-7265 has several opportunities for improvement, several obstacles still need to be overcome before the standard can be widely adopted. Understanding ERC-7265, These include: The circuit breaker mechanism included in the ERC-7265 provides several advantages, including the following:


Its implementation must be faultless for the circuit breaker mechanism to work correctly. The chain may suffer an even more significant blow if the agency has a flaw.


For the circuit breaker to be effective across even a single chain, it must be compatible with various DeFi protocols. His could prove to be a difficult task because so many DeFi protocols are in use today.


Even though this is not a problem with the plan itself, the benefits of this upgrade will only be realized if the community votes in favor of it.

Future of ERC-7265

Future of ERC-7265

The core Ethereum team has to review and agree with any suggested standard before it becomes official. At the same time, ERC standards are essential for describing certain features or functions in the Ethereum ecosystem. EIPs are all about making changes and improving the Ethereum protocol.

So, how widely ERC-7265 is used will depend significantly on how well the Ethereum community accepts it and how committed the core writers are to making these changes to the network’s structure. Understanding ERC-7265: As the plan is still in its early stages, the Ethereum community will closely watch it develop and participate in discussions, evaluations, and debates to determine if it will work and what benefits it might have.

If accepted, adding it to Ethereum might make DeFi protocols safer and more dependable, making the network more resilient. RC-7265’s future and how it will affect the Ethereum network are still unknown. But there are a lot of great opportunities until the community makes a choice.



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