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Chain (XCN) Gets Listed on KuCoin

Chain (XCN) protocol allows each network participant to define and issue assets by writing their release programs. These programs are also expressed in a flexible Turing-complete programming language that also can be used to create sophisticated smart contracts.

Federation of Bloc signatories.

The system is safe against branching if the quorum of signing blocks follows the protocol. Each network node can validate blocks and send network transactions. Chain Core is an enterprise software product that also implements the Chain Protocol. The open-source developer edition is free to use, and Chain serves Chain’s blockchain network as a free test network.


This amazing abstraction hides the real complexity of the system a chaotically decentralized network of mutual obligations, indirect ownership, and regular settlement. Asset transfers often require interaction between multiple intermediaries and the recovery of duplicate books.

This system has several disadvantages:

  • Time: Securing asset transfers or payments usually takes days.
  • Costs: Transfers involve the payment of a fee to multiple intermediaries and refunds are costly overheads.
  • Transparency: it can be difficult to determine the status of a pending transfer or the current owner of the asset.
  • Security: the complexity of the current system makes it difficult to prevent fraud or theft.

Such a shared ledger is likely to require the trust of one party. This party must have the technical capacity to process each transaction in real-time.

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin.

Launched in 2015, Ethereum generalizes the blockchain concept to a fully programmable state-of-the-art replication mechanism. That also month was a difficult month for cryptocurrencies. We inflation, increasing regulation, and the collapse of LUNA, the market is sliding through the mud, which causes fear, uncertainty, and skepticism among investors.

Most cryptocurrencies can barely stay afloat, some have fallen half of their longest period in November 2021. in the middle of a difficult crypto journey, one particular token jumped to new heights as the remaining altcoins try to set a default value. Chain Protocol’s XCN token increased 120.7% per month.

The general computational model.

The general computational model makes it difficult for engineers to consider the safety of their applications. The shared ledger operated within this network can demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology without sacrificing the efficiency, security, privacy, and flexibility required by financial institutions.

Data model.

The purpose of the Chain chain Chain is to manage the issuance, ownership, and control of digital assets. Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that also allows organizations to build better financial services right from the start. Chain launches Chain Core as an authorized and open-source blockchain and Sequence, its ledger as a service product. Customers receive discounts and pay fees for commercial chain tokens (XCNs).

A chain blockchain can support many types of assets.

Each asset type has an asset identification or asset ID. That asset ID corresponds to an issuance program that also defines rules for issuing units that also Transaction move value from inputs to outputs. Each output determines a destination a control program that also defines the rules for future spending of this output.

What is a chain protocol?

Chain Protocol is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to control the issuance, ownership, and control of digital assets. The Chain Protocol helps financial organizations set up their services and processes from the ground up. It has also great uses in financial organizations that also need a private blockchain to manage assets and transactions.

Data from Coin telegraph Markets Pro Trading View shows that also reaching a low of $ 0.0712 on May 11, XCN has returned to the right path, reaching a record high of $ 0.176 on May 31. The three reasons for the strong emergence of XCN are numerous exchange lists, the launch of the BNB chain, and many notable collaborations, including a long-term collaboration with the Stellar Foundation.

Exchange lists will increase.

In March 2022, Chain deployed a new smart contract for his token and changed from CHN to XCN. After the brand change, XCN was listed on KuCoin and subsequent quotations on Huobi, CNBC, Bitrue, and Hotbit were accompanied by a sharp increase in trading volume.

Some of the supporting exchanges launched endless contracts for XCN tokens,, Huobi, By, and Poloniex, which helped create greater initially led to an increase in trading volume.

XCN is part of a cross-chain integration with BNB Chain, which will enable cheap token transfers trading on PancakeSwap, where holders can earn money to supply liquidity to the stock market. Following the merger of BNB Chain, the price of XCN rose from $ 0.0712 on May 11 to $ 0.14.

Chain (XCN) Partnership.

In 2018, the project was acquired and became part of the commercial part of the Stellar Foundation known as Interstellar. The chain was purchased in 2020 as part of a general ledger platform called Sequence.

It is possible that also recent developments in the Stellar Protocol. And including its partnership with MoneyGram to create xcom 3 a stablecoin-based money transfer platform.

We also may have a positive impact on the price of XCN due to its close relationship. . In April 2022, Chain also announced a strategic partnership with also Alameda Research. Which established private equity and quantitative cryptocurrency and trading companies.

We are also the chain’s leading market maker. Although none of these associations seem to be sufficient to explain XCN’s current profits. That’s also it is known that the price action of altcoins separates from the wider crypto market for almost one to one month.

Transaction and each input and output contain.

Each transaction and each input and output contains a reference data field for random use at the application level. To avoid such double problems, the network maintains a unique and unchanging sequence of all transactions with a blockchain state consisting of unspent transactions (UTXO). Transaction inputs can only reference unused UTXO outputs.

Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that also allows organizations to build better financial services right from the start. Chain launches Chain Core as an authorized and open-source blockchain and Sequence, its ledger as a service product. Customers receive discounts and pay fees for commercial chain tokens (XCNs).

Price Chain Analysis (XCN) 2022.

According to CoinMarketCap, Chain (XCN) is in the 208th position in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. We will continue with the charts in this article on chain price prediction. From the Keltner Channel signals for XCN / USDT, we can know that also the price of the chain may improve in a few days, as the price broke out in the first half of the channel from above.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) measures relative dynamics over the range of recent price changes to determine oversold or oversold assets. The RSI value on the 1-day chart is 81.13. This amount can trigger a bullish or bearish run if investors relocate as buyers or sellers.

Price Chain Forecast Chain (XCN).

The chart below shows that also Chain (XCN) has performed well in recent days. If this trend continues, the chain can run with the bulls, breaking the resistance level of $ 0.176 and climbing higher. Simply put, the price of XCN can drop to almost $ 0.052, which is a bearish signal.

According to CoinMarketCap, it has a great chance to convince the current historical maximum (ATH) xcom chimera squad of around 0.173 USD this year.mThe Chain Token (XCN) is a Chain Protocol tool and tokens for voting on protocol enhancements and various community programs.

Cryptocurrency Chain (XCN).

XCN board and utility tokens drive the chain infrastructure. It can be used by investors to vote on developments and decisions that also affect the community. Long-term owners may be entitled to discounts and premiums on the protocol part. This will improve the experience for some developers and institutions.

Former holders can exchange one CHN token for 1,000 XCN.

Previous  Chain (XCN) XCN show.

The chain’s new XCN token was launched on March 15, 2022, through LBank. He opened for $ 0.04 on the first day of his trading. This price doubled at the end of the month. The infrastructure provider has a busy April. At the beginning of the month, the voting on the establishment of the DAO fund and the submission of rewards began.



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